Little Putts Swimming Academy is

Putteridge Swimming Club’s learn to swim Programme. 


We offer a Learn to Swim Programme for

Children Aged 3-8 with low ratio classes &

Swim England level two teachers

of exceptional standing, with over 20 years of swimming,

coaching and international representation



Our ‘learner levels’ make for a great balance of teaching, challenging new skills, reinforcing current skills and making lessons enjoyable and fun.


Little Putts Swimming Academy's Learn to Swim Programme, follows the Swim England "Learn to Swim Framework".


We teach at Lealands High School Pool.

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday




What Stage Am I? How Long is My Session? What Skill Level Am I?
Stage 1 30 minutes Active Start
Stage 2 30 minutes Active Start
Stage 3 30 - 45 minutes Active Start
Stage 4 60 minutes 

Active Start

Club Award Level 1 

Stage 5 60 minutes


Club Award Level 1

Stage 6  2 x 60 minutes + 60 minutes land training


Club Award Level 2

Stage 7 

2-4 x 60 minutes


1-2 x 60 minutes land training


Club Award Level 3


Swim England Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1 - 7


The Swim England Learn to Swim Framework is about developing confident and competent swimmers through fun and enjoyment, and Learn to Swim Stages 1-7 are at the heart of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

It is the most widely known part of swimming lessons for children and is the backbone

swimming lessons for primary school aged children.

Each of the seven stages of the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework has a clear set of targets for the pupil to meet so they can get to the next stage.

Swim England recommends that children don’t just stop going to lessons once they can swim, increasing their competence in the water helps to make sure they can keep themselves safe.

This part of the Programme not only teaches a child to swim using the four strokes. It also gives them a number of other skills, which when put together, give children the ability to do a range of other water-based sports.

The Swim England Learn to Swim Framework gives children confidence in their ability to swim. From this comes more enjoyment of swimming, a love for swimming and being in the water and the skills and motivation required to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through regular swimming through to their adult life.

Fun and Games with the Learn to Swim Framework

The easiest way for a child to learn a new skill is through fun and games. This Framework still has a high focus on having fun and enjoying being in the water.

It takes a games-led approach to learning to swim, and gives the core aquatic skills needed to become competent swimmers. These are:



Floatation and Balance

Rotation and Orientation


Aquatic Breathing

Travel and Coordination

Water Safety

Health and Fitness

By learning and then mixing together these skills, a child will be able to understand the processes needed to swim all of the four strokes; front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.